Bubos Baby Nail File Electric Manicure Set Bubos
Bubos Baby Nail File Electric Manicure Set - Safe Baby Nail Clippers & Trimmer with LED Light, Toes Fingernails Care Trim Polish Grooming Kit for Newborn Infant Toddler Kids or Women
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  • A Stress-free Solution for Your Baby’s Nails: no more worrying about about using sharp nail clippers or covering up their hands! Bubos nail files are the easiest and safest way to keep your baby's fingernails and toenails trimmed.

  • Designed EXCLUSIVELY with your baby's safety and delicate nails in mind: These files feature a smooth, rounded end with no sharp edges, just a few quick stokes a couple times a week is all you need to prevent baby from scratching himself.

  • Soft LED Front Light and Whisper-quiet Motor: Trim your baby’s nails in the dark while they are sleeping without them ever knowing!

  • Smart Versatile Cushioned Pads for Everyone: 3 cushioned sandpapers gentle polishing for babies and children, as well as 3 attachments polishing and removing dead skin for adults

  • One Button Multiple Settings: Control speed (high/low) and rotation (clockwise/reverse) for enhancing nail filing positions and softer, smoother nails

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Product Detail

Protect your growing baby from scratching their own baby soft skin by softly trimming their nails with a safe baby nail file. 

Are you worried about your baby scratching their face while they're sleeping, playing or learning to grasp things? Do you hate having to stick their little hands in baby mittens because it stunts their development? If so, you need Little Martin's Drawer Baby Nail File, the best nail file for children of all ages. 

Safe, Easy to Use and Versatile 

Each battery-powered nail file kit comes with six different sanding/buffing pads; three for children and three for adults. Our multipurpose nail kit helps sand, clip and polish fingernails and toenails in seconds using safe, effective sand paper that's soft on cuticles and nail beds. 

Single Hand Operation 

Lightweight and compact, this nail trimmer operates using two AA batteries and can be used with a single hand thanks to its one-button operation. Simply attach your chosen nail file, turn it on, and use the LED front light to softly grind away excess nail length. And thanks to the whisper-quiet motor, you never have to worry about loud noises waking sleeping babies. 

Product Details:

- One-Button Activation 
- Multiple Speeds and Rotation Patterns 
- Soft LED Front Light 
- Whisper Quiet Motor 
- Compact, Lightweight Design 
- Safe on Baby's Finger and Toe Nails 
- Battery Operated (Two AA Batteries)